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Zac Efron clearly has no problem showing off his famous absbut it seems he's a little more squeamish when it comes to rocking a thong in public. The year-old star has been filming his upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa in Georgia since late April, and plenty of nearly naked photos have surfaced from the production. So when a scene called for Efron to strip down to a tiny thong, the star reportedly refused -- probably because he knew they would surface online in a matter of minutes.

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But this time, Efron flaunted his figure in a new view — the rear view — along with his butt double. Zac Efron stripped down for a scene in his upcoming film Dirty Grandpashedding every bit of clothing for the role.

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Happy Friday!!! I would do him for sure,but I really think he has a I would suck the life from him, Any real pics of his cock and balls? Who in no way had this type of body. Why are they idealizing Ted Bundy? Too muscle-y for my taste.

He up: here’s the best look at zac efron’s butt to date

They made Ted seem human in this. He was far creepier in real life, overly confident sociopath. Can someone please tell Zac to get rid of that horrible blond hair?

He is far too handsome to deal with that mess, thanks. Hey FakeName,he was wearing a flesh colored brief.

He had assistance with CGI and a stunt butt. Google, the photos are there to see. LOL I agree with Thierry! There is something about this sweet straight guy that drives everyone nuts on both sides of the fence and even on top on the fence lolol! Zac certainly has a very doable ass. I mean he spent like half of Dirty Grandpa wearing a hornet thong with transparent strapped but sure, this is his first unobstructed ass shot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Critifur May 4, at pm Reply. Iggy May 5, at pm Reply.

I also found that odd. Zac should have adapted his body to be more authentic. Thuley May 8, at pm Reply. Robert May 5, at am Reply. Darling May 4, at pm Reply. James M. May 4, at am Reply. Adam May 5, at am Reply. home

Anonn May 5, at pm Reply. Sulla May 3, at pm Reply. Marvin Nelson May 3, at pm Reply. Justsayin' May 3, at pm Reply. Pierce May 3, at pm Reply. HG May 3, at pm Reply. Donald Russell May 3, at pm Reply. Psilord May 3, at pm Reply.

Thierry May 3, at pm Reply. Rob May 3, at pm Reply.

Zac efron naked cock & leaks revealed!

BigJoe59 May 3, at pm Reply. Hello- Zac certainly has a very doable ass.

FakeName May 3, at pm Reply.