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Satsuki Kiryuin was one of the main characters in the Kill La Kill anime. She was introduced as its most powerful individual and the villainous counterpart to Ryuko Matoiwith their rivalry being the center focus to the first half of the series.

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I just completed watching Kill la Kill. Kinda good, really explosive fights; a weird story albeit not that bad. After watching it, only one question remains in my mind.

Ragyō kiryūin - kill la kill ragyo naked

Why the heck does everyone get naked every now and then? I get it that the story needs them to be like that; but still Also what's with the weird lesbian vibe going on with all the the women in the kiryuin family????? I feel bad that I'm going to rush this, but I like to believe that in Kill la Kill:.

Clothing is a tool, a medium of expression, an art, persona, rhetoric, etc. There are those who bury themselves in the medium and believe it is everything, letting it control them, reaping its power and indulging in selfishness and self-righteousness. They are nothing but mask, and yet they bear it in near shameless abuse.

There are those who throw off the medium and tools and believe that truth is paramount, rushing forth unabashed and hetrong without the need for anything but raw selfhood. They are only themselves and refuse to use outer layers as a crutch to hide their imperfections. Ryuko, though, is the ideal artist.

She is raw and honest, but she can wield a tool as if it is a part of her. More than a tool, it is her dearest friend. She does not use it, she wears it.

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It does not conceal her though. Instead it exemplifies her truth and purity of expression.

Why they chose those symbols is another matter, but they did a killer job using them. I never thought of how deep it actually went.

Jesus, thank you. Time to rewatch! Kill la Kill was my introduction to anime and I wasn't all that surprised, can't imagine anyone would be. The Kiryuin family is MEANT to be fucked up - the mom tried to kill and supposedly molests the other semi-frequently, or at least whenever she deems Satsuki in need of "purification". There wasn't really anything supposed about it. Like, there was an entire scene dedicated to it that was extremely uncomfortable to watch.

These answers are all correct but i mean there is also the whole theme that clothing is evil.

That's pretty much the reason why it's the only anime I like. It takes every stereotype about anime most of which are stereotypes for pretty damn good reasons and goes, "hey, let's dial this shit up to 2,! There is no reason. KLK isn't meant to be taken seriously.

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It's just silly. Otherwise, like others have said, it's not meant to be taken seriously. Don't overthink it. Hell you see a lot of naked people and nude body parts and it did annoyed the crap out of me at the beginning but later in my opinion you will notice the nudism less and less.

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It will become just a really natural thing which it actually is and the story and characters become important not the nude parts. So when the last episode is on and everyone is naked and they all give their best to save Ryuko which is falling down on earth you might not notice anymore that they are not covered in clothes.

If you still had this question in your mind after watching this show all the way through, then you need to watch it again because you clearly weren't paying attention. Found the internet! Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

I feel bad that I'm going to rush this, but I like to believe that in Kill la Kill: Clothing is a tool, a medium of expression, an art, persona, rhetoric, etc. The naked body is unassisted honest self, truth, purity, etc.

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Those are my thoughts. Have you watched anime before? Continue this thread. More importantly, why don't any women have nipples?

Because then they wouldn't have been able to air it on TV. Hahaha, your comment reminds me of SYD. One of the characters has glowing nipples This kind of shows what this show is about and what not. More posts from the KillLaKill community.

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