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I'd like Naked couples reddit somebody that wants pantie

It's just the most comfortable way to sleep to me. I did for a period of time, until one night I felt something trying to crawl up my ass.

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It's definitely that if you have relationship problems, sleeping naked fixes everything and makes you happy. Was thinking this. Makes more sense that confident, and usually happier, couples would be more willing to sleep naked. Couples who are in shape and secure about their body types are more likely to sleep naked. I don't mind but my wife gets mad when she finds me naked on the couch in the morning after she tells me to sleep on the couch. I imagine sleeping naked in general will make people happier, in day to day life we're basically never nudes.

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My husband is a naked man.

If he could go everywhere naked, he'd be happy. I like clothes, but he's slowly converting me. I've started sleeping naked because he wanted to feel my boobs on his back.

And I've recently discovered the joys of doing housework topless. He doesn't because he says he doesn't want to roll over on his balls. I don't because I have young kids that I check up on in the middle of the night. Sleeping naked in a long term relationship is a risky maneuver. You never want to be in that position of "Oh, that wasn't all fart. You aren't gonna be knockin' boots all the time.

You will be getting beverages, turning lights on and off, going to the bathroom, plugging in phones, fiddling with a fan in summer, figuring out where the dog went, remembering that the truck needs to be moved or it will get towed, searching for the tv remote, and so on. This stuff happens every night when your married so at least sporting boxers makes it easier.

It can go from both people completely naked to both people almost fully clothed depending on whatever le up to the act of sleeping. If we're not feeling frisky and are just sitting on the couch watching Frasier reruns, then we'll probably end up wearing something. If we start getting physical in any capacity then it's unlikely we'll be wearing anything.

Couples of reddit, do you sleep naked together? if not, why?

Naturally there are exceptions both ways. I never really know what to expect.

I usually sleep in boxers while my girlfriend sleeps in boy shorts and one of my soccer jerseys. Kids is one reason but i dont sleep nude just in case something happens, the sheets and blankets stay clean. My gf and I sleep naked in the bed, most of the time.

Couples of reddit, what are your thoughts on nude cuddling?

If we accidentally crash somewhere else sofait is fully clothed. I am cool and she is warm. We both feel good to the other if we touch. When i was part of a couple, i rarely slept naked.

My girlfriend was almost always naked if she could be. Yeah we both do. It's more comfortable. We both know there's a completely naked body next to us. It's intimate and just nice. Found the internet!

Til research shows that couples who slept naked felt happier in their relationships

Couples of Reddit. Do you sleep naked? Why or Why not?

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