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This guide will show players where they can find it. Considering Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are close replicas to the real-world Los Angeles, it makes sense for the game to contain some of the area's most iconic landmarks.

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Apologies if this has already been brought up, but has anyone else noticed that the topless women at the Richman Mansion have been removed in the next-gen version of the game? I'm puzzled as to why they have been removed yet the pantsless men in the Altruist Cult have been left in? If there was a complaint about nudity, wouldn't both have been removed? I've never been to the mansion but it does seem strange to remove one and not the other, another thing that occurred to me the other night was that yes the guys at the cult camp are fine to have cocks out but when my character takes a shower im wearing a bikini yet there are a lot of examples where breasts are exposed. Yeah pretty retarded that they removed the free roam titties and kept the dicks and balls. Then again you could never see any female nudies until GTA V and before that we already were forced to see dick.

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Go to Reputation: 10 Rep Power: Points: 2, Level: 4. Last Achievements. How to have no top as female character.

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As the title says, is there any way to do it like with a mod menu or outfit editor? Reputation: Rep Power: Points: 34, Level: A Legend.

Points: 3, Level: 6. Originally Posted by GuilhermeSiilva. Originally Posted by SatanicPloss. Points: 1, Level: 3. Originally Posted by oOLoliconOo.

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Posting Well. Points: 1, Level: 2. Last edited by rogerxiii; 20th August at PM. Reputation: 81 Rep Power: Supreme H4x0 2. Recognitions Donator 1.

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Points: 19, Level: Fuck toxicity and elitism. Always here to help.

Originally Posted by hjadr. The Legendary Cheater.

Points: 5, Level: 8. Originally Posted by KVM. Originally Posted by dark2r.

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Are you telling us that we can see even more skin? It's legs ? Last edited by dark2r; 23rd August at PM. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. - Toggle Dark Theme.

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Authenticator Code. Thread Tools. How to have no top as female character As the title says, is there any way to do it like with a mod menu or outfit editor? RealHacker is offline. View Public Profile.

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Find More Posts by GuilhermeSiilva. Quote: Originally Posted by GuilhermeSiilva topless? SatanicPloss is offline.

Find More Posts by SatanicPloss. Quote: Originally Posted by GuilhermeSiilva can save it normally. Quote: Originally Posted by SatanicPloss coolnow i have some ideas with thisthanks XDone last question in bincohax is top1 or top2? How do other players see you?

Gta 5 naked women

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Find More Posts by Kandis. Can you change the nipple color? I don't like the purple Find More Posts by hjadr.

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Ah yes, the power of programming. KVM is offline. Quote: Originally Posted by hjadr Can you change the nipple color? Find More Posts by dark2r.

Quote: Originally Posted by dark2r well the lower of 18 which is the camel toe panties is blacklisted. Quote: Originally Posted by dark2r or you can just view the change on the clothing shop menu, same effect.

Similar Thre. I am going to have sex with this female Flame Atronach from Oblivion. Should EvaUnit01 be female? Show Printable Version.