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Banjo and his sidekick bird Kazooie set out on a mission to save Banjo's kidnapped sister. Teamwork is integral in this game with Banjo a bear utilizing his strength and Kazooie coming through with "air-time" when needed. The game stars a bear named Banjo and a bird named Kazooie who set out on a quest to rescue Banjo's sister, Tooty, who has been kidnapped by the witch Gruntilda. Along their journey, Banjo and Kazooie receive help from Mumbo Jumbo the shaman and Bottles the mole, as well as from various other characters in smaller roles. It was originally known by the project name Dream for Super Nintendo, which starred a boy named Edison who got into trouble with a group of pirates lead by Captain Blackeye.

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For its time, Banjo-Kazooie was so hot, steam looked cool. Rare took extra time and applied extra care to make sure that it went the distance with its exploration-driven platforming gameplay. I mean yeah, you could just make a platformer with big levels Rare were ahead of the curve during the 90s, especially the late 90s, and this is just another example of them going above and beyond to provide a unique experience.

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The Resident Evil 2 remake may have better graphics and more contemporary controls, but the original Resident Evil 2 provides a better experience despite its inferior technological capabilities due to more invigorating gameplay. This is how I tend to compare games from before to games after Post games lack the invigorating gameplay that games from have, you know?

Banjo-Kazooie was an innovator, no doubt about that. Other than that, technically, everything is good — great at times, even. What this game particularly does right is de.

The worlds, themselves, are big on the surface but actually fairly small. So, if nothing else, it always gives you something to do. These allow the worlds to feel expansive while also feeling compact sized — in other words, it basically has no filler, at least from a technical standpoint.


The worlds are also generally easy to navigate around. Aside from the arrangement of collectibles guiding you around the levels, the areas are split off in such obvious ways that you can easily head off to an area with little trouble.

Rare certainly knew how to de levels around this.

Presentation-wise, the levels only get better. But what really matters in the long run is how it all holds up. For one thing, yeah, the framerate is consistently smooth.

Finally, between the fitting and vivid color schemes, the overly catchy thematically matching songs and said songs dynamisms to where certain areas change the sound to ify its importance, yeah, the presentation absolutely accentuates the des. But all of this is second fiddle to how the game actually plays, and this is where the game falls short.

So, how about them tasks?

You collect stuff, activate some switches, shoot some targets with your eggs, traverse hazardous surfaces either with swamp boots or as a different species through voodoo transformations and do some basic platforming But all the same, the levels — gameplay-wise, anyway — bleed together. The challenge never escalates. The gameplay never ascends.

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As a result, the fun deteriorates. What happened was Games came out later that improved on the formula. This kind of shit happened.

Maybe it was the later 3D Mario games Sunshine and Galaxy taking that formula further and thus showing its full utility; maybe it was how much the likes of Banjo-Tooie, Jak and Daxter and A Hat in Time improved on the formula established by Banjo-Kazooie and thus, leaving it in the dust; hell, maybe it has to do with how much people discovered about Super Mario 64 when taking a trip back to the past and seeing how much it does with so little compared to what little Banjo-Kazooie does with more at its disposal.

Whatever the case may be, Banjo-Kazooie was a game that was certainly important for its time but is ultimately only moderately entertaining and charming at best. All user reviews Jak. Jak Apr 14, Was this review helpful to you?

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