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Erotik lady looking up men especially Adam levine naked photoshoot meeting

The musician's photo shoot was part of a campaign to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

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Vyalitsyna, who is a Russian supermodel, appeared in the band's video for 'Misery' and the pair have been dating since The photoshoot for the magazine shows that Levine has his girlfriend's name tattooed across his knuckles. This isn't the first time that Levine has stripped down for a photoshoot. He famously posed in the nude for a testicular cancer campaign by Cosmopolitan UK.

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In the February issue of Cosmopolitan UK, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine takes it all off to help promote the Everyman Campaignwhich raises awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. That's great that you're getting your humanitarian on, Adam, but we gotta say something about this photo. Remember that one part in "Home Alone" when Kevin Macaulay Culkin is going through his brother Buzz's bedroom after the family forgets to take him on vacation and he finds a picture of Buzz's girlfriend and he's like, " Buzz, your girlfriend!

Please, Adam Levine.

You have a nice voice and all, but let's leave the naked poses to actual good-looking men. I mean, that flawlessly coiffed hair? Your piercing eyes and perfect jawline?

The tattoos placed ever so strategically on that amazingly sculpted physique? Nice try, Adam Levine, but we're just not feeling it. What do you do, like, 1, pull-ups a day?

A million billion bicep curls? Junior league, bro.

Slacker status. OK, we're completely percent kidding. Adam Levine is a god among men, and we mere mortals feel lucky to even breathe the same air as him.

If you let those perfect hands ever come near something as filthy as a cell phone, call us!